How often should I use the scrub?

We recommend 3-5 days per week. However, everyone has different skin so test it out and see what works best for you.

Is your product organic?

Joe's Cup of Scrub is organic, vegan, and obviously gluten-free. 

It smells so good, can I eat it?

Although our product is all natural we do not recommend it for consumption. If you do end up eating a little accidentally you should be just fine, though you may experience an upset stomach from roasted coffee grounds. 

How do I use it?

Different portions should be applied to different surface areas. As a general rule of thumb we've found that scooping about a quarter sized amount generally covers your face. 

  1. Scoop desired scrub amount.
  2. Add a little warm water. 
  3. Massage into skin for about 30 seconds and leave it for about 3 minutes.
  4. Rinse.

Where do you get your coffee?

We get all of our coffee from local and organic Southern California coffee shops.

Does it work on all skin types?

Yes, our scrub does not discriminate. Joe's Cup of Scrub will help exfoliate and moisturize any type of skin.

For how long will the scrub be good?

Being that our scrub is organic with no added preservatives, when stored in warm wet environments mold may begin to grow. If stored correctly the scrub should last up to 4 months after opening. Close lid and tighten clasp after use. Try to store on bathroom counter rather than directly in the shower.



Our cold pressed organic coconut oil has no added chemicals that keep it from transitioning back to its hardened state if it is left in a cold environment. We've chosen this type of coconut oil because all the nutrients remain in the coconut oil allowing for maximal skin nourishment. Just give the tin a quick shake to loosen some of the scrub or just use the provided spoon to scoop some out and it will be fine when warm water is added.